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Sunday confrontation again at Pueblo Columbus Monument, protesters vow to come back every week until your heritage and Culture is removed...ironically, the Columbus Statues symbolizes what protesters are allegedly fighting for - that's how you know this is a RUSE!

The Mayor of Pueblo, now rescinded his earlier intent to present a a resolution for City Council to remove the Columbus Statue as there is no interst in supporting such a ridiculous position of a historical monument in Pueblo.

You might still be wondering though if he supports inclusive heritage and culture values of Pueblo - The real question is does he actually realize who he is trying to appease...

Did you know there is a body of Law that addresses the acts and acitons of someone using threat duress and/or coercion to FORCE their personal views upon another group of people?

It is codified undere 42 USC 3617 and applies to ALL United States Citizens, including those running around protesting on Sunday and ALL elected officials at the Local, State and National level. This body of Law exists. Itis not opinion and is applcable to the goings on today regarding the Columbus Monument here in Pueblo and all those across the country which have already been damaged or destroyed.

Further, there is an Executive Order protecting these monument now in effect, which results in an automatic 10 year stint in prison for anyone he violates this Order.

The media does not want to address the underlying issues head-on primarily because its goes against their narrative and objectives of those corporations who accept funding from sordid people like Geroge Soros and other individuals and organizations who actively fund the destruction of America -

There is one journalist who does a pretty good job of presenting the facts - watch and listen to a recent Tucker Carlson episode and make up your own mind...

Its easy to be get irritated at these events, but that is totally wasted energy and its exactly waht the protesters want you to feel!

Its hard work protecting our Freedom - why do you think we have a paid military that goes everywhere to put their lives on the line EVERYDAY to protect your way of life... including Police, Sheriff, Fire and our extraoridnary Military!

FREEDOM is not FREE, you actually have to do something to protect it...  This is a call to action if you screw this up there is nobody to point the finger to for the loss of your freedoms and your history -- how are you going to explain that to the next generation?

Your grandparents built a monument to a great explorer out of thanks and respect for opening the pathway to the New World for ALL immigrants which follow-on now allow us to have this discussion today in the Greatest country in the world - every generation has its requirement to STAND, not APPEASE, not CAVE, not CAPITULATE to those dark forces that seek to destroy America and our way of life.

If you were born here and have a Birth Certificate or are a Natualrized American you have a DUTY to protect this way of life, not some other way of life in another country under another set of rules. In fact if you abrogate your responsiblity to protect America and work against the best interests of America you may be GUILTY of Seditious Conspriacy and TREASON and the penalties are severe as it should be!

Its way past time for YOU to WAKE UP!  When you read the United States Code cites you will also need to learn the true meaning of the legal words - as an example the word PERSON is used extensively in these code cites - learn the legal definition of that words among other by viewing and downloading Black's Law Dicitonary -> here.

You think this is about a stupid granite Monument? You would be TOTALLY WRONG! It is much more heinous and is about the systemic dismantling of America and American values, and only you and me stand in the way of that goal, which WILL NOT HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH!

Download the full article -> HERE and share with your family...if you care.

Venezuelan women discusses her country's insanity in destroying monuments in this video just like what is  happeneing here now...


Here's the background on "FOR THE PEOPLE", "PUEBLO FOR CHANGE" and "ANTIFA" who protested in Pueblo the last two weekends - literally from their Facebook feed: "This is a community organization, focused on supporting the people of Pueblo, and dismantling the systems that rely on the oppression of people to exist. In order to build a great socialist society, it is of the utmost importance to arouse the broad masses of women...Genuine equality between the sexes can only be realized in the process of the socialist transformation of society as a whole." - MaoIn order to build a great socialist society, it is of utmost importance to mobilize the large masses of women to incorporate themselves into productive activities Only in the process of socialist transformation of society as a whole…See more" --

All you Vets out there are not going to care for this next article...

Leftists Stomp The American Flag

By C. Pillars
 July 5, 2020

In the latest attack against everything that is American, protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa danced on an American flag and then stomped on it. They did that as part of the Independence Day protests, which they did right in front of the White House. The activists who were caught on camera were seen to be dancing the cha-cha Slide on an American flag that was spread out on the ground. Many of those in attendance at the protests were members of an Antifa group. Other protesters were seen wearing BLM t-shirts. One of the activists was caught on camera encouraging other people to step on the flag. He claimed that so many of them were hurt by the flag. It is not surprising that Antifa and BLM members will be advocating something that is so blatantly anti-American. The two organizations have been revealed to be communist organizations that are out to subvert the very fabric of American life and destroy it. Officially, the protests there are supposed to protest the death of George Floyd and to end police brutality, but like other protests, the leftist organizations have used it to attack the American symbols like the flag. They are the same people who are behind the destruction of monuments and statues of great Americans who have played important parts in the country’s history. President Trump has floated the idea of punishing people who destroy and mock the American flag. He has also promised to create a national park where the greatest Americans who ever lived will be honored with monuments. If the leftists think that they can get support for actions like that then they are mistaken. Ordinary Americans are patriotic and will not take the destruction of American monuments and symbols lightly. These attacks on the American way of life will only get worse and the leftists will brand anyone who does not side with them as racists.


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Christopher Columbus Hero, not heathen - if you are brave enough... learn the truth, not the LIES!

Now learn how all of this excrement about Columbus was created and
to be fostered by out of context remarks and poorly translated commentary... I will warn you when you are
done learning the Truth you are going to be more irritated are how all of this is being used to libel and
slander one of the world's greatest navigators - it follows the same line of assertions and hearsay being
used today when liberals don't get their way...

Italian Heritage/span>

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