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Venezuelan women discusses her country's insanity in destroying monuments

in this video just like what is  happeneing here now...

Download the full article -> HERE and share with your family...if you care.


Leftists Stomp The American Flag

By C. Pillars

In the latest attack against everything that is American, protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa danced on an American flag and then stomped on it. They did that as part of the Independence Day protests, which they did right in front of the White House. The activists who were caught on camera were seen to be dancing the cha-cha Slide on an American flag that was spread out on the ground. Many of those in attendance at the protests were members of an Antifa group. Other protesters were seen wearing BLM t-shirts. One of the activists was caught on camera encouraging other people to step on the flag. He claimed that so many of them were hurt by the flag. It is not surprising that Antifa and BLM members will be advocating something that is so blatantly anti-American. The two organizations have been revealed to be communist organizations that are out to subvert the very fabric of American life and destroy it. Officially, the protests there are supposed to protest the death of George Floyd and to end police brutality, but like other protests, the leftist organizations have used it to attack the American symbols like the flag. They are the same people who are behind the destruction of monuments and statues of great Americans who have played important parts in the country’s history. President Trump has floated the idea of punishing people who destroy and mock the American flag. He has also promised to create a national park where the greatest Americans who ever lived will be honored with monuments. If the leftists think that they can get support for actions like that then they are mistaken. Ordinary Americans are patriotic and will not take the destruction of American monuments and symbols lightly. These attacks on the American way of life will only get worse and the leftists will brand anyone who does not side with them as racists.


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Christopher Columbus - the rest of the story - if you are brave enough... learn about the Truth in context, regarding

assertions alleged against Columbus for the past thirty years based upon FALSE and out of

context from a poorly researched book by Howard Zinn. The book has been the subject of serious debunking by

Mary Grabar and others who actually use historical data IN CONTEXT.

If you have the guts to watch the video to the END, it be be impossible for you or anyone else to continue further

assertions and LIES againbst Columbus. Regardless of the location you reside --

Learn how all of this misinformation about Columbus was created and
to be fostered by out of context remarks and poorly translated records...
When you learn how all of this is being used to libel and slander one of
the world's greatest navigators - it follows the same line of assertions and hearsay and
misinformation being used today when incompetent MINORS don't get their way...

Italian Heritage

(courtesy Italian American Television)

Italian Foods you know you love!

Laugh Break

Italian Flatbread (Piadina) with
Fontina and Prosciutto

Roaster Eggplant Caponata


Three more favorite video recipes for Fresh Pasta made from scratch - you can almost smell it cooking!  ummm...

Homemade Pasta

Homemade Ravioli

Homemade Tortellini

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Considering sharing your family holiday Recipes with us and we'll include them in our new Fall 2019 Cookbook coming for Christmas!

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I know Jonathon Winters is not Italian, but he's still funny!

Italians Whom Have Impacted Our World in Science, Fashion, Driving, Entertainment, Fashion, and much more...

Leonardo DaVinci Documentary
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