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When you use PayPal, they will charge us 2.9% for any donation or payment. Please add 2.9% to your payment so the Lodge is not upside down on fees to National.

2023 Dues are based on your following selections

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2023 Regular Membership Dues
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$ 60.00

(You are either a Regular Member or Associate Member, not both) - if you recieve the Italian American magazine you are a "Regular" member

2023 Associate Member Dues
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$ 40.00

Columbus Monument Preservation Donation
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Buon Natale!
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OSIA Lodge 2738

ps - You are likely aware that there has been ongoing organizaed efforts to remove our Columbus Monument in Pueblo, Colorado - which is the last remaining monument to Columbus west of the Mississippi. The Colorado Italian American Foundation (COIAF) is working very hard to fight against the disinformaiton being misrepresented in the media, and instead working to reveal the truth which has NOTHING TO DO WITH COLUMBUS! 

Will you consider help us in these efforts with a Tax Deductible donation to COIAF?

We have added a couple of new ways to help for 2022.

A direct donation is always appreciated, and now you can multiply that gift by making it a sustainable gift by participating in the
Kroger/King Soopers Community Rewards and the Amazon Smile programs just by continuing to do what you do today.

If you enjoy shopping on Amazon, their SMILE program works in a similar way to the Kroger's program above - Browse to ““ and then

* Login and search for the organization name “COLORADO ITALIAN AMERICAN FOUNDATION” and you are done,

if you have any issues, contact us at and we will help you resolve the matter.

Over the course of each quarter both Kroger's and Amazon will donate a small portion of their profits directly to COIAF.

Kindly note, that NO personal information is ever shared about your purchases with these programs.  So we encourage you to share these donation options with your friends and family to help us build the foundation even more! 

To learn more, click -> COIAF DONATE