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Italian American Heritage

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What Does Your Italian-American Heritage Mean to You?  

each of would likely answer this question differently...

For some, our Italian-American heritage is expressed in the way we prepare traditional holiday meals, celebrate religious traditions, family values and traditions, dress, etiquette, etc... 

Some of us speak Italian and travel to Italy regularly, in an attempt to somehow reconnect with the family lineage, history or maybe alittle of each... 

Some of us might describe in great detail the traditional Italian-American neighborhoods where we grew up, noting the sense of closeness with the neighbors and shop owners...

Many if not all of us share in the appreciation of Italy's countless contributions to architecture, art, law, literature, music, painting, and science.However we decide to express our pride in our heritage, as immigrants or descendants of those who left their Italian homes for a new life in America, we are part of the enduring, strong, and colorful community-- which is richly Italian America in flavor.

Benefits of being a member in the Order Sons of Italy in America

  • Annual subscription to Italian America, a quarterly color magazine that provides timely information about
  • OSIA while reporting on the individuals, institutions, issues, and events in the Italian-American community.
  • Featured authors include some of the most noted journalists, scholars, and writers of Italian-American heritage. 
  • Personal membership card. 
  • Scholarship and educational opportunities at the local, state, and national levels. 
  • Discount hotel, car rental, and travel programs. 
  • Low APR affinity credit card. 
  • Low-cost insurance programs. 
  • Participation in Italian and Italian-American cultural events: lectures, film and books discussion groups,
  • Italian languages courses, issue summits, and folk-life programs nationwide. 
  • Opportunities to join OSIA’s influential voice in domestic and international affairs. 
  • Participation in local and national networks of Italians and Italian Americans. 
  • An outlet for volunteer energies and professional expertise in assisting the Italian-American community in your area or nationwide. 

How to Join

If you live in Colorado, please contact our State office -
OSOI , 303-770-6255 or 303-238-8055 or our local Pueblo office at:
Sons of Italy - Southern Colorado Chapter
Lodge No. 2738
117 West 4th Street
Pueblo, CO  81003

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